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Charlotte's Ghosts
Award winning bookAward winning bookAward winning bookAward winning bookAward winning bookAward winning book

Charlotte's Ghosts

Charlotte Cross didn't believe in ghosts, until she met one whose heart was as broken as her own...

The spring before 7th Grade, tragedy strikes C. C. Cross. Dad won't be coming home from Afghanistan. When her mother packs her up and moves her across the country to Manassas, Virginia, C.C. finds herself in a new neighborhood, a new school and a new life, one without her mighty, fearless, and beloved father.

As C.C. struggles to build a new life, she meets a boy on the Civil War Battlefield near her home. Then he disappears right before her eyes. C.C. knows that somehow, she must uncover the truth about the disappearing boy, and why he haunts the Battlefield.

…In the spring of 1861 Jeremy Turner wants nothing more than to join Lincoln's army and shoot himself some Rebels, if only Ma would sign the enlistment papers. Not until he abandons his family farm and leaves behind everything he loves, will Jeremy find his way into the bloodiest war in American history.

Can these two broken hearts help one another find their way home?

The 2012 Prophecies: Heir of the Jaguar
Award winning book

The 2012 Prophecies: Heir of the Jaguar

Cory McClintock can save the world.

Dad's lying on the floor in a pool of blood. A sleaze-ball in a black BMW claims to be his long lost uncle, and on top of everything else scientists suddenly acknowledge that, yes, maybe there is something to the 5000 year-old Maya prophecy that the world is about to end.

So why is everyone trying to get a piece of Cory?

Because according to that same prophecy, in order to save the world, all Cory has to do is DIE.

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